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Fat Lip Customs in Euless prides ourself on excellent customer service and attention to detail. Our goal is to exceed your needs and to provide you with the products you desire at competitive prices, whether you want automotive window tinting, custom wheels and tires or truck accessories.


Michael Shaw



Jessica Shaw

Vice President / Marketing Director

Fat Lip Customs & Shaw Coatings is fully insured and has served Fort Worth/Dallas drivers since 2006.

Michael’s Story
Fort Worth area native and owner of Fat Lip Customs, Michael Shaw, can’t remember a time when he wasn’t fascinated with automobiles. As a kid, he collected Hot Wheels, designed his own Lego cars and souped-up his bicycles and remote control cars.

At the age of 13 Shaw redid the engine, body and interior of a ’55 Chevy, and at 16 he began customizing his ’93 Camaro.

So in August of 2006 when Shaw found himself at a crossroads, recuperating from one in a series of work-related injuries, it isn’t surprising that he proceeded to turn his passion for autos into a new vocation.

Small business runs in Shaw’s blood. For 16 years his parents owned a pool hall in Forth Worth, and he has family members all over the metropolis who own small businesses. In some ways, the name “Shaw” has become synonymous with “entrepreneur”, so this seemed like the next logical step.

Michael Shaw dubbed his new mobile enterprise “Shaw Coatings” since he was mainly covering truck beds with a spray-on polyurethane bed liner. He would also take on some more unusual jobs such as spraying a 14’ x 20’ x 16’ F-22 Raptor fuselage transporter box with turquoise polyurethane for Lockheed Martin Corporation.

Shaw Coatings was based in Shaw’s garage until 2008 when it moved into its present location at 2248 Carson Street in Haltom City.  As his reputation for reliable, dependable service grew, so did his business among auto dealerships and individuals alike.

Soon he expanded his services to include window tinting, installing tires and wheels, lift kits, lowering kits and just about any truck, Jeep or car accessory imaginable. So to better represent his growing and expanding brand, as well as a self-described “goofy” personality, Shaw changed the name of the business to “Fat Lip Customs.”

The one thing that hasn’t changed is what he describes as his “love for the process as well as the result,” and his original desire to make both “easily” available to his customers.  Shaw’s motto is “Our competition sets the standard for the industry average.  But at Fat Lip Customs we go above and beyond ‘average’ for You.”

Jessica’s Story

After completing a masters degree in business, Jessica Shaw decided to leave behind a career in commercial real estate to devote one-hundred-percent of her talents to what can now be referred to as “the family business.”

Since that time, with her added attention to finances, public relations and marketing, as well as Michael’s continued emphasis on excellent customer service, the Fat Lip Customs brand has more than tripled. 

This viral expansion has taken the husband and wife team by surprise. Jessica attributes the rapid increase to an ability as a couple to take full advantage of their complementary strengths and weaknesses.

“I am incredibly proud of the company we are building together,” she said. “This is by far the best, and craziest, decision I have ever made.”