Fat Lip Customs spray-on truck bedliner considered the best truck bedliner

Blue Bedliner

Nothing beats a spray-on truck bedliner from
Fat Lip Customs.

A FLC spray-on truck bedliner gives your truck bed the highest quality protection available. Because the liner is professionally sprayed, the entire truck bed is sealed against moisture and foreign debris. This helps protect the undercarriage of the truck from rust and corrosion as well, since the spray-on product reduces moisture build up on the metal’s reverse side. But it will also improve the look of your truck bed, while virtually eliminating unsightly damage.

The hard surface of your FLC liner protects your truck bed against scratches, dents, dings and scuffing. But it also gives your truck bed a tough semi-skid surface that can take loads of punishment, still allowing objects to be moved, such as pallets piled with heavy loads. No matter what your loads are, the FLC liner will help protect your truck bed, adding more life to your vehicle.

The textured surface of your FLC liner is resistant to many chemicals, helping protect your truck bed from saltwater and spills. And since loads won’t slide when you don’t want them to, transporting loads will be safer.

Application Process

FLC liners are sprayed on using proprietary plural component spray equipment.

It’s no secret how it’s done; however, it does require specific technical knowledge like proper equipment set-up, correct temperature and humidity, as well as proper masking and prepping of the truck. There is also a knack to spraying. At Fat Lip Customs our applicators are trained to apply FLC liners properly and to treat your truck with the utmost care. We don’t like to rush the process because it compromises the quality. A normal FLC liner application usually takes about 2-3 hours. During this time, here are some of the things you can expect us to do to your truck:

  1. Cleaning: Make sure the bed is clean.  FLC liners don’t stick very well to dirt, grease and grime
  2. Masking: Mask off the bed using tape, paper and plastic. We also make sure the cab is covered so it does not receive any over spray
  3. Sanding: Sand the bed thoroughly. This is VERY important. If a bedliner peels, it’s probably because the sanding was done poorly. Some competitors claim that sanding is not necessary. IT IS! It isn’t the most fun part of the job, but it’s crucial and has to be done
  4. Wiping: Wipe it down with a cleaner
  5. Spraying-on the FLC liner: This is where we build up a good, thick liner
  6. Unmasking: Carefully unmask the vehicle
  7. Final Check: Check the vehicle over to make sure it’s perfect for you
68 Bronco

If you have any questions or concerns about the application process, we will be happy to address them for you. Some older vehicles with rust and body damage may require additional work.

Fat Lip Customs will accept any competitors coupons for spray-on Truck Bedliners from Rhino and Line-X!

A Fat Lip Customs spray-on bedliner is scratch-resistant, slip-resistant and really easy to clean. There’s no loss of cargo space, it deadens sound and your new Fat Lip Customs truck bedliner can be applied in hundreds of colors!

A spray-on truck bedliner from Fat Lip Customs is virtually indestructible, plus your truck will have a higher resale value. Over the years, your bedliner will help prevent rust, scratches, dents, and abrasions, extending the truck’s service life and giving you a better value and ownership experience.

Nothing improves the look of your pickup truck bed more than an FLC liner. Unlike some other liners, the FLC liner has a beautiful, glossy look that will last and because the bedliner is custom-sprayed to the contours of your truck bed, the entire truck bed has a clean, continuous surface that looks impressive and is well protected just like it came right off the factory floor!  Plus, your new liner comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

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Comparative Specs

Fat Lip Customs Hardness 55 +/- 5 Shore D
Line-X Standard Hardness 50 +/- 1 Shore D
Rhino Liner Tuff-Grip Hardness 88 +/-5 Shore A *

* Shore A scale is used for ‘softer’ rubbers while the Shore D scale is used for ‘harder’ ones

Fat Lip Customs Tensile Strength 2700 +/- 300 PSI
Line-X Standard Tensile Strength 2,147 PSI
Rhino Liner Tuff-Grip Tensile Strength 1300 – 1500 PSI
Fat Lip Customs Tear Strength 400 +/- 40 lbs/in.
Line-X Standard Tear Strength 295 lbs/in.
Rhino Liner Tuff-Grip Tear Strength 200 – 250 lbs/in.