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LLumar car window tint from Fat Lip Customs in Fort Worth/Dallas lets you burn up the road while keeping your car’s interior cool and comfortable. The automotive window film rejects a full 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays and repels heat — so you keep your cool… and all the while your car looks hotter than ever.

Window Tinting

Look sharp!

Choose from an array of optically clear and tinted window films and several levels of darkness. We use only the best film available so LLumar will fit your style just right and dramatically enhance the appearance of any vehicle. Window tinting also reduces the fading and cracking of your interior that comes with unprotected sun exposure over time.

Ride safe!

Nothing is worse than dangerous glare. LLumar car window tint reduces glare and gives you a clearer, more comfortable view of the road ahead. Also, in the event of an accident, LLumar’s sturdy construction can help hold shattered glass in place and reduce injuries from flying glass.

Tinted Jeep Wrangler

Stay cool!

With LLumar’s High Performance Resin (HPR) adhesive, the window film smoothly hugs your vehicle – no bubbling or cracking. And when professionally applied by Fat Lip Customs, the durable film will stay looking smart, resist scratches and provide optical clarity for years to come.

  • Reduce Heat & Glare – Stop heat and glare from intruding into your vehicle and enjoy a more comfortable, safer drive.
  • Reject 99% UV Rays – Reduce sun damage to your car’s interior and increase your skin protection from the sun’s dangerous rays.
  • Professional Installation – Fat Lip Customs professionally cuts and fits LLumar auto film to your car’s specifications for a perfect fit.
Product Solar Energy Rejection Visible Light Transmittance Glare Reduction Visible Light Reflection Price (up to 7 windows)

*Full SUV $199
Llumar ATC 30 Charcoal 39% 29% 63% 8% $169 SPECIAL*
Llumar ATC 15 Charcoal 44% 18% 80% 8% $169 SPECIAL*
Llumar ATC 05 Charcoal 47% 5% 94% 8% $169 SPECIAL*
Llumar Air 80 43% 78% 13% 9% $299 SPECIAL (excluding windshield)
Llumar Air 90 28% 86% 4% 9% $299 SPECIAL (excluding windshield) $185 (windshield only)
Llumar CTX 30 Ceramic Tint (Charcoal) 51% 33% 63% 7% $299 SPECIAL (any vehicle, any shade)
Llumar CTX 15 Ceramic Tint (Charcoal) 55% 18% 80% 6% $299 SPECIAL (any vehicle, any shade)
Llumar CTX 05 Ceramic Tint (Charcoal) 60% 5% 94% 8% $299 SPECIAL (any vehicle, any shade)

To schedule your automotive window film appointment, contact Fat Lip Customs at 817-350-6222.

Want to see what your vehicle will look like tinted? Try out our window tint visualizer.

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